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2021 WAE CW RU1A M/S
Call: RU1A
Operator(s): RD1A RN1A RT1M RV1AW RW1A UF1F
Station: RU1A

Class: M/S HP
QTH: nr Saint-Petersburg
Operating Time (hrs): 17
Location: Eastern Europe

Band QSOs QTCs Mults
80: 50 5 27
40: 244 569 51
20: 398 926 68
15: 103 71 46
10: 7 0 7
Total: 804 1571 503 Total Score 1,193,619

WAE DXC (both CW and SSB) always been one of our favourite contests.
This year everything was prepared beforehand and we were ready for a good result with a big team of Ops.
After previous 2 weeks of very poor conditions, just before the WAE weekend bands were open again.
Tthe first night 40m was fantastic to NA and SA, what brought us a lot of QSOs and QTCs with USA.
Then 15m opend up to JA and later on to USA. On 10m we've managed to get some imteresting mults.
During Saturday the weather was nice, warm and calm, all of a sudden at the end of the day it went dark, strong wind with heavy rain and lightnings few km away.
We were hoping that the storm would pass us by and that was the case!
But, the main power substation which is 10km away from our location was hit by the lightning(((.
This time we didn't have a possibility to start up the reserve generator and it was already dark. As a result, the elecricity was restored just 8 hours before the end of the game!
By that time all boys of the team went home.
It was a pity as the conditions were great the whole weekend and it was a nice race with LZ5R, DM6V and other M/S staions.

Thanks to all for QSOs/QTCs and CU in the SSB leg!

Vlad, RW1A
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Equipment plans
28 MHz: 4 by 7 el 28 mhz (14 mtrs boom) yagi , rotor to JA/USA, mast 50 mtrs up , 15 % completed
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* 25% completed