Posted by admin on 27.03.2017 16:04
Call: RU1A
Operator(s): RU1AF RV1AW RW1A RW1CW RW1F
Station: RU1A

Class: M/S HP
QTH: nr Saint-Petersburg
Operating Time (hrs): 44.14
Location: Eastern Europe

Band QSOs
160: 128
80: 536
40: 1086
20: 2394
15: 140
10: 0
Total: 4284 Prefixes 1406 Total Score 14,404,470

Extended News
Congratulations to the winners !

The last thing to complain about life, but the realities are killing.

In the last 4 hours we did not have electricity, although, in principle, this does not change anything.

We're diisapointed. We have nothing to add.

We really have better setup on 40 meters compare with EI7M, E7DX, IR4M as a M/S stations which ahead of us in current contest, but we're to far to East and in deep hole to US propagation. It's unreal to achieve such result as they did on this band in sunspot minimum.
- 7 el yagi @ 40 m up, fixed to JA on two separate towers, boom length 60 meters
- 3 el yagi @ 27 meters up, rotary, 16 meters boom length
- 5 el yagi @ 40 meters, rotary, 25 meters boom length and when this antenna is fix to USA East Coast, we can add additional 3 el yagi with 22 meters boom on separate tower, and get 61 meters boom !

Since that huge system was installed in October 2016, just one time (out of any contest period) we were able to see the advantage of this. In other contests US propagation were out of us.

For your understanding on 20 meters, we have 12 elements @ 60 m on 45 meters boom fixed to East Coast, H-Frame 4x5 el fixed to West Coast and 4 different rotaring big yagis more.

The same huge setup we have for other bands as well.

We don't care more. We're tired to find the way how to improve the our setup and the main question is what for ?
What else we have to do...
Seems nothing... Small improvements will be unable to change the picture.

Just will be wait for propagation changing. Seems, it's only the way...

I don't understand what support I can get from you ..
"The rich also cry".

On behalf of RU1A, de RV1AW